Friday, February 9, 2018

Review: Philips Smart Shaver


With the launch of the Philips Smart Shaver Series 7000, the spread of smart functionality into the area of grooming is almost complete. But is the rise of personal care products unnecessary? Philips’ innovation is a first. Using Bluetooth, the electric shaver pairs using an app and supplies real-time feedback on shaving procedure in addition to producing a personalized shaving program, which aims to help users fight shaving-related skin problems such as a burn or ingrown hairs. From a hairbrush which ‘listens to a hair’ to toothbrushes that monitor how you are brushing, we have seen an increasing number of those connected firsts in the past couple of years. For lots of these wise products, opinions are divided on the usefulness of their programs and how long users are really eager to invest in putting life to what are often pretty mundane tasks.

Shaving-related skin complaints would be the bane of many a person’s life, and features that may help handle them would certainly be welcomed by most, would not they? Head to our whole Philips Smart Shaver Series 7000 first look review to find our expert, unbiased opinion on if it is all it’s cracked up to be, or keep reading to find some of its key selling points. For the price, we anticipate a great deal and this shaver certainly talks a good talk. The specs on the Philips Smart Shaver Series 7000 include Bluetooth compatible: This feature lets you connect to your smartphone or tablet along with the electric shaver. You’ll receive access to many different ideas, plus data on your shaving procedure, via a program. Connects using the Smart Shaver program: This is a proprietary Philips program, which can be used with iOS and Android apparatus, and provides users with a personalized shaving program. Philips’ original grooming program, that has existed for a few years, has been fairly well received by reviewers, so it’ll be interesting to find out what users make of the new program.


SmartSensor technology: A built-in camera monitors the shaver’s speed and movement as you use it and relays this to the program. You will then receive immediate feedback that will assist you to make alterations to your shaving procedure, which can allow you to get a smoother shave. Flexing rotary heads and SkinGlide rings: The 3 rotary heads on the shaver bend in numerous directions, which Philips claims will permit you to attain a gentler, closer shave. Philips claims the SkinGlide rings, which divides the blades, ‘reduce surface and friction resistance between the shaver and the skin’, providing the shaver ‘a smooth, easy glide which helps protect against skin irritation.’ Wet and dry shaving As expected with such a luxury version you can use it dry or in the shower. Wet shavers are usually easier to keep clean, even more so in case you follow our tips about the best way best to wash and maintain an electric shaver. Attachments: This model includes a click-on blossom styler and a facial cleansing brush. You will also get a handy travel pouch and a small brush that will assist you to keep your shaver clean. The shaver also includes a two-year warranty, which can be reassuring should you experience any difficulties with it. Innovative products such as the Philips Smart Shaver are inclined to start a new price bracket in their respective markets.

However, you don’t have to pay anywhere near it to receive one of the best electric shavers. In actuality, if you’re delighted to forego the wise features on the Series 7000, you can now pick up the regular Series 7000 S7530/50 shaver with a beard trimmer, facial cleansing brush and travel pouch on the Philips online shop for the reduced cost of #120. But if those versions are well out of your budget, fear not, as we have examined electric shavers that are available for only #30. Take a look at all our electric shaver reviews to find the ideal model to suit your requirements. Also ensure that you head to the stores fully knowledgeable of what characteristics to consider and how much to expect to invest, by reading our expert guide on how to purchase the best electric shaver.


Prepare For Morning Shave With Braun

Obtaining your morning routine right is very important to set up yourself for a fantastic day. Braun recently looked into the science supporting morning routines and found that if done correctly, your morning routine can improve physical and psychological attributes. I recommend that men prepare for a morning shave using a facial scrub at least three times each week. Even if you’re maintaining some stubble you should still use a facial scrub and be certain you work the item beneath the beard so that it gets to the skin. It is multipurpose so it’s excellent for everything from maintaining your sideburns equivalent to designing a goatee. But don’t hesitate to catch your spouse’s shampoo or conditioner — or worse, their razor — just because it is there on the shelf. You really need to consider what’s perfect for you and your appearance.


Part of finding your perfect grooming regimen is identifying your skin and hair type. By way of instance, if you’ve got the greasy hair you should decide on a deep-cleansing shampoo, whereas if you’ve got the dry hair you will need to use a moisturizing shampoo to attempt to hydrate your hair.
And it’s crucial to use conditioner, but be sure you use it to the hair hints only, not the roots. Men also often overlook the value of maintaining their skin hydrated — that is why it’s crucial to drink two glasses of water when you wake up to kickstart that process and make sure your skin looks healthy and glowing by the time you step from the door in the morning. You could also increase the amount of moisturizer which you use in peak summer and winter months, and remember your face still requires protection against the sun to halt the aging effects of UVA rays, so always try to use 1 product which comprises SPF.

It is perfectly okay to shave the night before in case you need a more polished look for work the next morning. The new Series 9 from Braun is analyzed on three-day beards so that it’s an excellent selection for combating mid-week re-growth. Ultimately though, you must work out what’s perfect for you and tailor your dressing regimen to match your personality and schedule. As soon as you understand this you may reap the benefits both emotionally and physically and your dressing routine won’t ever suffer.